psalm 1 tree

Good morning yall! I wasn’t able to sleep real well last night so I’ve been up for awhile. The last 7 months of my life, when I pray I’ve been getting pictures of a flower or people have told me they’ve gotten pictures of flowers, or they send me verses with flower references.. needless to say, the flower reference has been coming at me from all sides!

But recently, I’ve been praying that God wouldn’t just make me like a pretty flower. I’ve been praying that he would make me into a strong tree that isn’t swayed or pushed around by the storm. A tree that doesn’t need the support of other trees, it just needs God.

I was talking to one of my prayer partners about this, and she said, “That sounds a lot like the Psalm 1 tree!”

Backstory: My church (FBCA) has been going over the Psalm 1 tree concept for what seems like 100000 years.

The Psalm 1 tree has never really resonated with me, until I saw in my own life how unstable I was when I was depending on other “trees” instead of the stream.

Psalm 1 talks about how the tree bears fruit in EVERY season! Isn’t that awesome? Even in the winter or the hard times, it’s still bearing fruit.

Funny story: last night I was reading my Bible and I felt like I should go read some of my past journals. I found an entry from one of my last days in Australia and it says, “last night I was telling God that I don’t think I’m ready for the next month of my life and then I dreamed about this little bead game I had when I was little where you put the wax beads on a template and then put paper over it and iron it so the wax beads melt together and make a picture… what I got from that is God has been putting beads on for awhile and when I’m under heat and pressure the next month it’s going to come out looking like what the designer intended it to look like.”

That’s CRAZY! I’m in the season (of what feels like) crazy heat and pressure and looking back on how God prepared me for this is so great. I mean, it doesn’t feel great now, but I’m looking forward to when I come out on the other side looking like what God intended me to look like!

Psalm 1:3, “And he will be like a tree firmly planted [and fed] by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season; its leaf does not wither; and in whatever he does, he prospers [and comes to maturity].” (AMP)

3 Happy Things: (what I’m loving rn)

  1. costa rican coffee
  2. my support wall (hmu for details)
  3. my spanish bible!!





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